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Spread The Vote (STV)

For decades, Conservatives have pushed voter ID and voter suppression. Spread The Vote has developed a first-of-its-kind operation to combat Conservative’s efforts outside of the courtroom and on the ground. They work in the trenches of the nine states with the nation’s toughest voter ID laws to secure people IDs. With an honorable mission, Spread The Vote needed to be armed with a first rate media operation to ensure that their efforts and the captivating stories of the often poor, homeless and immobile population they work with were being heard. That’s where Feldman Strategies came into the picture. Working with Spread The Vote’s chapters across the nation, we helped them break through the noise to tell their story. Through our work together, Spread The Vote was featured in leading outlets that include, NPR, CNN, HLN, SiriusXM and many more.


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