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Equal Ground Education Fund

The Equal Ground Education Fund launched with an ambitious goal in the spring of 2019, to be the preeminent Black led non-profit working on building Black political power in the state of Florida. In the final weeks leading up to the 2020 election, they knew that in order to have the biggest impact mobilizing Black voters across Florida during a pandemic they not only needed to have innovative programming, but they also had to quickly make the organization a household name. Working with Feldman Strategies to develop and execute innovative media strategies, made this a reality. Equal Ground’s work implementing one of the state’s largest COVID-19 safe “Souls to the Polls” efforts became known not only statewide, but nationally. Equal Ground has been featured in premier media outlets in every corner of Florida and is now a go to source for national media when it comes to talking about Black voters. On November 3rd, we saw unprecedented, record turnout of Black voters in part because of Equal Ground’s work. Though the election has passed, the Equal Ground Education Fund’s mission is far from finished. We continue to spread the organization’s voice and influence on local and national levels, empowering Black Floridian’s voices to have a seat at the table and help lead the political conversation.


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