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Democracy Forward

When Democracy Forward emerged following the 2016 election, they made it their mission to take on the unprecedented threats to democracy, social progress, and the rule of law in the wake of Trump’s rise to power in 2016. Their innovative legal team took the Trump administration to court more than 100 times, securing victories that stopped abuses of power on a wide array of issues.

Since the summer of 2022, as Democracy Forward has doubled down on their efforts in the post-Trump era to challenge bad-faith actors in states across the country, Feldman Strategies has worked to ensure that Democracy Forward’s work and the voices they represent break through a challenging media landscape and are heard across the country.

While Democracy Forward is bringing creative, first-of-a-kind legal challenges to stop efforts seeking to roll back our rights and hold extremists accountable – from suing West Virginia’s state medication abortion ban, to investigating book bans and school censorship, to arguing federal student loan relief is legal – Feldman Strategies makes sure that each major moment is making headlines. With exclusive headlines in the New York Times, features on NPR’s All Things Considered, CNN breaking news segments and more, our team is ensuring the public understands the persistent fight to protect our democracy that Democracy Forward is pursuing.


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