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Asian American Power Network

The Asian American Power Network (AAPN) is the leading coalition of grassroots organizations working to not only mobilize AAPI voters but build AAPI political power across the country.

When Feldman Strategies started working with AAPN in the final months leading up to the 2022 midterms, nobody in the media knew who they were or their impact.

That all changed with our strategy to break their $10-million collective push to turn out AAPI voters across battleground states in the media. Following coverage in the New York Times, AAPN is now on the map and has become a key voice weighing in on the influence of Asian American voters and calling out AAPI hate across the country.

Feldman Strategies continues to ensure that when it comes to AAPI voters and the AAPI community at-large, AAPN’s voice is heard.


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