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Rock The Vote

For nearly 30 years, Rock The Vote has been the premier organization dedicated to engaging and building the political power of young people. The organization has a long history of using culture to reach young people where they are, in their element and engage them, rather than relying on young people to enter the political space on their own. In 2018, Americans witnessed something special from our youth, a type of engagement and activism not seen in decades. This energy and enthusiasm was harnessed by Rock The Vote whose technology not only powered and served as the backbone of hundreds of voter registration efforts including March For Our Lives and When We All Vote, but launched first of a kind partnerships with the likes of the Golden State Warriors, Levis, HBO and more. And after the data is crunched, the 2018 midterms may have seen the highest turnout of young voters since 18-year-olds got the right to vote over a generation ago. Rock The Vote’s innovative work, not only on youth voter registration and get-out-the-vote, but civic education made this a reality and we have had and continue to have the deep privilege of leading their media relations effort as they continue to break ground on reaching America’s young people.


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