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On September 8, 2023, Feldman Strategies got the call to support the UAW communications operation as potential strikes at the Big Three loomed – strikes that went on to become the first time that workers at all Big Three automakers struck simultaneously and the longest auto strike in 25 years. 

Throughout the unprecedented strikes, Feldman Strategies ensured that UAW workers’ stories were elevated across television, print, and radio to shape public opinion. Additionally, the FS team worked with UAW leaders – from UAW President Shawn Fain to other national, regional, and local union leaders – to make certain the union’s priorities and fight, driven by workers, controlled the prevailing narrative which gained 75% of public support for the strikes.

The UAW’s fight against the Big Three has been generation-defining. And now, as the UAW harnesses the momentum to organize and raise the standard for all workers, Feldman Strategies is proud to continue our enduring work with the UAW to drive the next step in the labor movement. 

In a historic moment, with record contracts at the Big Three, major wins for workers across the country, and nonunion workers across industries standing up to organize, Feldman Strategies is using its expertise to elevate UAW President Shawn Fain in the continued conversations around the power of labor, as well uplift the stories of workers across the country.


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