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The Transportation Trades Department of the AFL-CIO is a coalition of 37 member unions representing millions of transportation workers who are embroiled in some of the most prominent labor fights and leading the charge on issues making national headlines.

Since working with Feldman Strategies, issues like rail workers’ contracts and safety, train derailments, collective bargaining, and workers’ rights have taken center stage, and we have ensured that TTD President Greg Regan is in the conversation to ensure that the voices of all the transportation workers, from rail workers and flight attendants to bus drivers and pilots, are heard.

As the preeminent authority advocating for workers on the major transportation policy challenges facing the nation, Feldman Strategies has collaborated with TTD to bring policy-heavy issues into the mainstream, creating the messaging and framing that engages the public in some of the biggest fights against corporate interests that are trying to prioritize profits over people.


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